The following Deliverables of the Project have already been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals or conference proceedings.

Know your safety indicator – A determination of merchant vessels Bow Crossing Range based on big data analytics where a determination of some leading safety indicators for maritime collision avoidance is conducated using big data.

SWOT analysis of leading safety indicators for collision avoidance of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships where a preliminary analysis of collision avoidance safety indicators has been carried out.

Turning maneuver as a potential cause of the next stability
failure mode for a ship in operation
where initial considerations have been given to coupling the collision avoidance maneuvers with Second-Generation Intact Stability Criteria have been put forward.

DSA-inspired assessment of autonomous ships stability during turning maneuver where Direct Stability Assessment of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships has been proposed.

Evaluation of stability criteria limiting the angle of heel due to turning, in the light of ship motion simulation results where models for dynamically assessing the stability of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships have been developed.

Prediction and evaluation of an angle of heel due to turning maneuver of small training ships: comparison of dynamic analysis and static design criteria where simulations of the behavior of Project-involved vessels have been described.

Probabilistic model estimating the expected maximum roll angle for a vessel in the turn where behavior of ships during a turn has been analyzed by an application of probabilistic methods.